Maroma-Fair-Trade-Incense-Rain Forest
Maroma-Fair-Trade-Incense-Rain Forest

Maroma Fair Trade Incense - Rain Forest


All natural, Fair Trade Certified Rain Forest Incense sticks are made in Auroville, India by Maroma. They are rolled with wood powder and gum resin, without any charcoal or other nasties. The eco bamboo sticks are hand-rolled with pure essential oils.

No Charcoal and No Phthalates.

This incense smells amazing! Perfect for inside or outside use to cleanse your space and create a sense of calm. Enjoy all the benefits of natural essential oil aromatherapy. 

10 x Incense Sticks
Burn Time: 45 Minutes

Fair Trade Guaranteed, India

Natural essential oils of Pine, Eucalyptus, Bergamot & resins. Bamboo stick, wood powders, Macchilus Macaranth (Tree Bark Powder, a natural binder).