A5 Eco Writing Journal
A5 Eco Writing Journal
A5 Eco Writing Journal

LINED Writing Journal - Journey


Record your thoughts mindfully with this beautiful journal designed by Indigenous Australian artist Natalie Jade. This lined journal is perfect for your daily pages. 

215mm x 155cm x 20mm (not including the spiral), 200 pages. 

Sustainably made in Australia with artwork by by Natalie Jade. Over 10% of profit is donated to care for native wildlife and restore habitat.

About the Artist

Natalie Jade describes herself as a contemporary Aboriginal intuitive artist. Her ancestors originate from Bruny Island, Tasmania, of the Nyunoni language group (Palawa). She currently lives in Victoria with her three children. Natalie paints as a way to connect with her culture, soul frequency and ancestors. She ofter likes to paint intuitively, after reaching a flow state through meditation and music.

“The purpose of my art is to create something beautiful that has a vibration through colour and forms, to uplift others and their surroundings.”