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Fair Space Fair Trade
Fair Space is all about building community to create positive change. We love connecting with people face-to-face, in our own community here in Perth, WA, to inspire greater awareness on issues around sustainable and ethical consumption.
Find Fair Space at the following community events in Perth:


December 2023

Saturday 2nd (7:30-11:30am) - Mount Claremont Farmers Market 

Sunday 3rd (1-7pm) - George Street Festival

Saturday 9th (8-12) - Subiaco Farmers Market

Sunday 10th (10-3:30) - Sivananda Ashram Open Day (Beaconsfield) 

Tuesday 12th (5-9pm) - Kyilla Twilight Christmas Market 

Saturday 16th (8-1pm) - Summer X Salt, Trigg 

Sunday 17th (8-12) - Freo Farmers Market

Saturday 23rd (8-11:30am) - Mount Claremont Farmers Market 

Sunday 24th (8-12) - Freo Farmers Market

January 2024

***Break from Markets***

February 2024

Saturday 3rd (8-1pm) - Summer X Salt, Trigg 

Saturday 10th (8-12) - Subiaco Farmers Market

Saturday 17th (7:30-11:30am) - Mount Claremont Farmers Market 

Saturday 24th (8-11:30am) - Kyilla Farmers Market 

Sunday 25th (8-12) - Freo Farmers Market

March 2024

Saturday 2nd (8-1pm) - Summer X Salt, Trigg 

Saturday 9th (8-12) - Subiaco Farmers Market

Saturday 16th (8-1pm) - Summer X Salt, Trigg 

Sunday 24th (8-12) - Freo Farmers Market

Fair Space Fair Trade Stall with Jewellery and Bags