Sustainable Fashion for Life with Ocean Remedy

Sustainable Fashion for Life with Ocean Remedy

"Sustainability for me means that it can continue indefinitely. If we take that definition of sustainability, it has to be good for both people and planet. You cannot protect the planet if we don't protect the people. You cannot have poverty and environmental protection, it just doesn't work."

Claire O'Loughlin is an entrepreneur that is truly living her values. Her love for the ocean runs deep. She has dedicated much of her career to researching and educating on the massive issue that micro plastics, especially from laundering our clothing is having on our waterways. 

As founder of Ocean Remedy, a sustainable swimwear brand, Claire loves to be challenged, and find solutions for the most sustainable options of materials and production of her products. In fact, she goes to such great lengths that she's taught herself to use industrial sewing machines to produce many of her items herself, in her shop and studio in Fremantle, where Fair Space founder Antonia Taylor caught up to chat all things sustainable fashion. 

Claire is a passionate advocate and speaker, you will no doubt be inspired to hear what she has to say! 

Videography by Steph Duncan. 

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