The Art of Ethical Fashion: Fashion Revolution Week Special with The ANJELMS Project

The Art of Ethical Fashion: Fashion Revolution Week Special with The ANJELMS Project

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, we are excited to share the inspiring story of one of our favourite artisan fashion brands, The ANJELMS Project. Join Fair Space founder Antonia Taylor, as she catches up with Gaelle Beech, to discuss her 10 year journey building a label that is deeply rooted in the celebration of culture, exceptional craftsmanship and most importantly, people. ANJELMS is designed in Fremantle and ethically made in Pushka, India by the Stitching Project using handwoven textiles and natural dyes.

Videography & Photography by Steph Duncan @sstephaniejayne

Fashion Revolution 

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that was sparked in the wake of the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh in which over 1100 workers lost their lives and more than 2500 were injured in 2013. This catastrophe shone a light on the dire living and working conditions of the people making garments for the global fashion industry in which supply chains are complex, opaque and placed under huge pressure by the worlds insatiable appetite for cheap clothing.

A Fashion Revolution calls for an end to the exploitation of garment workers, payment of living wages, safe working conditions and transparency in supply chains. A Fashion Revolution is when we end the culture of throw-away garments and the resulting ecological disaster that this second most polluting industry in the world is causing. 

Join the discussion and movement at #fashionrevolution 

Throwback to Fairly Fashionable in 2015, a project that Gaelle & Antonia co-created with the WA Fair Trade Collective, engaging designers in the conversation around ethical fashion that ran for three years during Fashion Revolution Week.  

 The ANJELMS Project has two retail outlets at the Fibonacci Centre, Blinco Street, Fremantle and Collab in the Fremantle Markets. 

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